Winnipeg Man Sentenced For Starting Fires Inside Local Casinos

A shocking case out of Winnipeg is finally over for one man, and the city’s two casinos.  Doug Porisky will spend the next 3 months in prison, and another 18 months on probation while under supervision from a probationary officer.

Porisky, now 51, was arrested in early 2012 following two attempts at arson inside Winnipeg’s two casinos.  According to statements within court, Porisky lost $600 inside Club Regent Casino in the Manitoban capital on February 25, and suddenly became erratic.

He then attempted to set two slot machines on fire, as well as attempting to burn miscellaneous items surrounding the casino floor.  Porisky also caused over $6,000 in damages to an aquarium inside Club Regent.

The damages didn’t stop at Club Regent.  Porisky was found one week later at McPhillips Station Casino, where he again attempted to set fires – this time inside a bathroom, as well as to a blackjack table.  Thankfully, as was the case at Club Regent, the fires were put out by casino staff before they could cause significant damage.

Porisky was arrested and placed under the care of a psychiatrist, who diagnosed the man with a personality disorder that causes reckless and impulsive behaviour.  The diagnosis was believed to be taken under consideration by Judge Janice LeMaistre when she found Porisky guilty of arson and mischief this week.

Mr. Porisky’s actions appear to be more a cry for help than a deliberate attempt to burn down the casinos and cause harm to the people within the buildings.”

Porisky will not be allowed in any of Winnipeg’s casinos during his probation, though there was no mention if he would violate his parole by gambling in an online casino.

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