William Hill Gives Odds to 007

It seems no matter the situation you have to give Bond the odds.  The latest entry in the James Bond film series hit theatres in the UK this week before beginning its debuts around the world; Canadians can expect to see the movie on November 9.  But what makes this debut so noteworthy is that online sportsbooks like William Hill are layout odds the latest action for Bond will break previous film records.

Early reviews from premiere screenings previously this week, have convinced William Hill this latest installment of the world’s favourite secret spy will beat the odds to break the UK’s highest opening weekend record previously set by Harry Potter.  The online bookmaker is offering 6/5 odds that Skyfall, the title of the new movie, will succeed in breaking the record.  The movie is also being given 10/1 odds it will pick up at least one of the Oscars it has already been nominated for.

Fans of the series have loved watching Bond in all his suave glory discover the plots of terrorists, and make it really exciting taking them all down.  The mix of action, humour, charm, and darkness has captivated audiences for half a century.  This year marked the 50th anniversary of the release of the very first Bond film Dr. No, an anniversary that was even recognized at London’s Olympic opening ceremony when current Bond Daniel Craig joined the Queen in an opening video that went viral.

Bond himself is no stranger to casinos, and given his role as a secret agent, gambles almost every week with his life.  The very first Daniel Craig Bond movie Casino Royale was noteworthy for the game of Texas Hold’em that was integral to the plot of the movie.  Bond has always been a frequent gambler in the casinos although fans are unlikely to see much of that side to his character in the latest movie.

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