Vancouver Canuck Takes On Online Poker World

 In one of its first major promotions, is giving British Columbia poker players the chance to face a Canadian hockey star at online poker.  Roberto Luongo, of the Vancouver Canucks, will go head-to-head against players across the province via the BCLC’s new online gambling website. 

Luongo is well-known for being an avid poker player. In the hockey world, both fans and fellow players are aware of his skills and passion for the game. As such, BCLC feels that he is the perfect fit for their website and this promotion. 
""The friendly competition of a poker game is one of my favourite hobbies", Luongo says. "It’s always been fun to play online and I look forward to testing my poker skills on". 
In addition to his online activities, Luongo will also take part in offline events. In upcoming charity poker events, the player will represent, making the deal almost resemble a sponsorshop. 
There will also be additional opportunities for players to meet Luongo. These details have yet to be announced but we will keep you posted, so you can try your hand at playing online poker against Roberto Luongo. 

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