Toronto Casino Plans Called ‘Gaudy’

 A writer for the Globe and Mail has taken it upon himself to address the issue of building a casino in Toronto. With the idea gaining increased support from politicians, the city seems to be losing sight of the downfalls associated with the plan – and Marcus Gee hopes to help everyone get their priorities straight. 

Gee calls the plans to build a casino ‘the worst way to transform’ Ontario Place. With the waterfront fun park shutting its door this year, local politicians have reason to believe that a casino would be a suitable replacement. However, Gee speaks on behalf of residents, stating that it would take away from the class, charm and creativity of the city. 

A casino would generate more gambling revenue and bring in tourists from other parts of Canada. However, it would also be taking revenue away from local culture centres, such as theatres, concert halls and even dining establishments. It would simply be displacing the profits generated by other forms of entertainment in the city. 

Gee notes that most Torontonians are against the idea of building a casino where Ontario Place used to be. A poll shows that 50% opposed the idea while 35% are in favour of it. Politicians are still mulling over the idea, however, and many residents hope that the plan does not come to fruition. 


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