The Best Announcers in Sports from Around the World

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betting on sportsFootball is back, as the NFL has kicked off its first week of the season and the MLB season is right on the cusp of the playoffs, with basketball coming right around the corner, meaning that people are gearing up for tons of sports betting and a massive amount of people have switched from sports betting with their friends and have instead immersed themselves in the world of online sports betting. Utilize the various online sports betting sites are great, due to the fact that you can place a bet from your home and sit back and watch the game, while not having to do much more than click a mouse. In order to enjoy those games to the fullest, you undoubtedly have to be listening to a great sports announcer call the game, but luckily, there are a ton of great sports announcers that simply make the games better to watch. Here are some of the most notable sports announcers, who capture the attention of all of those watching and create a much better viewing experience.

Chris Berman
Without a doubt, Chris Berman is the most famous football announcer and many people flat out do not think it is football season if they do not hear him screaming his favorite phrase “he got go all the way”. He has been there for all of the major games and consistently calls the Super Bowl and various other playoff games, although you can also catch him announcing various NBA games and other sporting events, due to the fact that so many people enjoy listening to him call games.

Al Michaels

Another NFL announcer that truly makes the NFL experience for the everyday fan is Al Michaels. Sunday is not Sunday without hearing Al Michaels announce football games and if you have been a fan of football, you have likely been hearing his voice on the television for the majority of your life. There is no doubt that he is beloved by his fans and after being around for many decades, he does not look like he is going anywhere anytime soon.

Vin Scully

Scully has been an announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers ever since the team was playing in Brooklyn and there is no question that he has been one of the best baseball announcers in history. He is still calling games today and his lifelong dedication and commitment to the Dodgers organization and their vast fan group, coupled with his great personality and talent at announcing games has made him a figure that truly stands out when it comes to the most enamored announcers that span the globe.

Greg Gumbel
Although many sportscasters are focused on a single sport that they regularly cover, Greg Gumbel covers all sorts of major sporting events and when something such as the Super Bowl is going on, or March Madness is in full swing, you can guarantee that you can find him on the television screen, calling the game like he has since the seventies.