Superbowl Betting Arrests Reach Uncle Of Star Leafs Player

The investigation into the Superbowl Platinum Sportsbook illegal betting operation continues in what police described as a third round of arrests that began on February 3.  The latest arrests include suspects operating out of London, Ontario, including alleged sportsbook operator Hiesam Kadri.  Kadri is the uncle of Toronto Maple Leafs star Nazem Kadri, who was released on bail hours after his arrest.

The police raid in Markham the night of the Superbowl uncovered links to organized crime with operators based around the GTA, including as far as London.  The initial arrest warrants were granted for suspects surrounding Toronto, but the joint federal-provincial-municipal task force shortly afterwards turned their focus on London.  Wiretaps and recording devices were installed in vehicles, homes, and businesses in the London area to ascertain which suspects had connections to Platinum Sportsbook.

In the weeks after the Superbowl raid, one of the wiretaps picked up on remarks from accused debt collector Christopher Rutledge, who said he was meeting with Kadri in case Platinum was hit with another raid.  It was through these wiretaps that police issued warrants for a second raid on March 5 that resulted in 18 men placed under arrest, two of which were released after being arrested the night of the Superbowl.  Investigators then began questioning Kadri’s involvement and gathered evidence for an arrest warrant issued on March 20.  Kadri drove to Toronto and surrendered himself the following day.

Crown Attorney Henry Poon told a courthouse that Kadri was a newcomer to the operation after the initial police takedown on February 3.

“After the initial take-down, he was recruited by various members to sort of take over some of the operations, take over some of the books in terms of collecting some of the gambling debts.  He would be dealing with betters, he would be taking bets.”

Kadri’s wife posted a $100,000 bail for his release under certain conditions, but he is due back in court on May 16.  Media pundits expected Kadri’s arrest to affect the gameplay of his nephew, but Nazem continues to shine as the Leafs’ most valuable star. 

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