Social Gaming Market Gets Competitive

 Internet users in Canada and around the world spend a great deal of their online time taking part in social games like Zynga Poker and Farmville. The trend seemed to have been started by the gaming firm Zynga, but over the years many other companies have emerged to steal Zynga’s thunder. Now, Zynga is attempting to fight off the competition with the announcement of several new games and an innovative gaming system that is sure to engage fans.

This week, Zynga has announced Project Z, a new service that will allow players to access Zynga-powered games without having to log in to Facebook. Zynga also announced that players will be able to access several of its new games from a wide range of mobile devices, as they will run on new HTML5 software.

Zynga has also launched a wide range of new games, in order to compete with other gaming brands. To cover all of its bases, Zynga has launched games in just about every genre. New games include a Bingo game set in Las Vegas and a Medieval social game called CastleVille.

The announcement has online casino fans around the world very excited. The new games and Project Z system are sure to change the online gaming market, forcing other gaming to step up their offerings and present something brand new to players.


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