Single-Game Sportsbetting Could Be Legal This Year

If you want to wager on sports in Canada, you have to use Pro-Line or Sports Action, a lottery-style system that requires players to wager on a minimum of two games. Should you want to wager on a single event, you will have to log on to an offshore gambling website – however, local politicians have aimed to changed this by passing a legislation that legalizes single-game sportsbetting.
As National Football League season begins, Canadians are going to want to wager on events. Rather than placing their wagers using government-regulated gaming services,
they will be forced to play at offshore gambling websites. As it stands, these websites take in $100 million in wagers every year. Single-game sportsbetting legislation would help the government reclaim a portion of the revenue, which would benefit the community.
“We should do away with this prohibition,” Comartin says. “It doesn’t recognize where technology has taken us as a society.”
Currently, British Columbia MP Joe Comartin is working hard to legalize the activity. He is backed by politicians in Ontario, as well, who also believe that single-game sportsbetting should not be prohibited by the country’s criminal code. As such, his bill has passed its hearing in the House of Commons and will be heard by Senate this fall.

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