Saskatchewan Gaming Profits Up 19%

In Saskatchewan, gaming profits are up by an impressive 19%  thanks to a great performance by casinos in Regina and Moose Jaw. In 2011, gaming profits in the province soared above $50 million, a significant jump from its profits of $43 million in 2010.

The net income is divided nearly in half, presenting on of the most generous gaming funding schemes in Canada. While the government claims $25 million for itself, $20 million goes to various community groups and programs across the province. These include education, health and sports and arts programs. 

Casinos in Moose Jaw and Regina also help to boost the economy in other ways. They employ about 1000 people, helping the local economy grow in other ways besides producing gambling profits. As the demand for gambling in these cities continues to grow, so will the overall employment rate. 

Unlike other provinces across Canada, Saskatchewan does not need to rely on online gambling in order to improve profits. However, the market is mature, and there is little room for growth in the future. As such, online gambling is a potential option for politicians in Saskatchewan in the near future. 


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