The Role Of Las Vegas Casinos In Popular Movies

Movies Casino Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most exciting cities in the United States. Players who want to experience a real-life alternative to any online casino Canada provides will find no better place than the Vegas strip. They offer a myriad of fun, adventurous, entertaining and dramatic events to capture the curiosity, and inquisitiveness of any one visiting the city. Every type of show imaginable can be found in Las Vegas. Many entertainers have residencies at the many hotels there in which they have performed successfully for a number of years. Penn and Teller, and David Copperfield have created magical illusions that have kept people coming back to the city for the fantasies. Hollywood has even marveled movie goers with pictures that that were filmed in the magical city.

Now You See Me

One such movie that originated out of Las Vegas is Now You See Me. this movie had no story line involving casinos, but it was based on much of the magical illusions that take place there featuring the nation’s most famous magicians. This movie, which was all about deception and magic, was filmed at the largest hotel in Las Vegas, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Because Las Vegas is only about two hundred seventy miles north east of Hollywood, film makers grabbed the opportunity to make this film with all of the authenticity that a Las Vegas show had to offer.

The Hangover

One of the other movies filmed in Las Vegas was the 2008 hilariously funny The Hangover. This movie was filmed all over Vegas, showcasing many of the fabulous landmarks that are uniquely Las Vegas. The film mostly focused on the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino. This was the place that the character, Doug who was the intended bride groom, became missing. Some scenes were also shot from the Riviera Casino which was torn down in 2015. Fond memories were made for the many visitors who frequented this luxury hotel.

Rocky Balboa

Everyone remembers the movie, Rocky Balboa, which was number six in the Rocky series. This legendary film was shot at the beautifully exquisite Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. This hotel is very eye appealing to the many spectators to the city. It sits near the Welcome to Las Vegas sign where tourists love to take pictures. The closing fight between Rocky and The Line, Mason Dixon, took place in the hall of the casino. This saga of the Rocky series was the only one filmed in the glamorous city of Las Vegas. Very few people know these facts about Vegas and the movie industry. It does add more favorable reasons to go to Las Vegas.

Film makers, actors, and actresses will find no better place to relax between filming than the amazing wonders that Las Vegas has to offer. Those film makers and their teams found that movies made in the city of Las Vegas added real substance to what movie goers want to see. No Hollywood set could have been built to represent all of the live action, the beauty, and the glitz that filming in Las Vegas could offer. All of these films were masterpieces, and among some of the favorites of all times.