Rob Ford Prefers Exhibition Place for Toronto Casino

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has jumped at the chance to build a new casino in the Toronto city centre. Despite concerns and complaints from residents and local media, Ford is determined to make it happen. In a recent National Post report, Ford has stated that he wants to snatch up the opportunity and refuses to let Markham or Mississauga host the new gambling venue. 

The idea of a Toronto casino was initially brought about shortly after the Ontario Place was shut down. Politicians saw it as an opportunity to revive the grounds, adding an entertainment venue to bring in tourists and engage local residents. However, Rob Ford is under the impression that the casino will be more profitable if it is located in Exhibition place.

“If we have it at Ontario Place, we’re not going to get as much money, we all know that,” says Mayor Ford. “We put it at Exhibition Place, we’ll get a lot of money.”

Several casino operators have expressed interest in managing the new casino. MGM and Wynn, two of the biggest gambling operators in Las Vegas, have recently stated that they would like to manage the new casino. 

However, the local government does not seem remotely close to making a decision. In addition to deciding where the new casino will be built, there is the issue of whether or not it is even a good idea. Public opinion is nearly split down the middle, so there is a long way to go before the city can start thinking of licensing an operator. 


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