PS Vita vs. Smartphone Gaming?

Sony has released its new PS Vita, the next generation of handheld gaming in the PlayStation family. The device’s release has been highly anticipated, but it seems that the Vita is falling short of the gaming world’s expectations. Some gaming experts predict that smartphone gaming will outshine the new Sony device. 

According to gaming magazine Electric Pig, gamers are undecided between the Vita and smartphone gambling. A vote between each option was split, as many gamers believe that the Vita’s price tag of $300 is too much to spend on a mobile gaming device. 

It seems that smartphone gaming still has the upper hand, as players do not need to purchase an additional device to play their favourite games. Additionally, their phone supports a wide range of functionality, whereas the PS Vita only offers the capacity to play handheld video games. 

Dedicated Playstation fans and gamers will continue to push to make the device a success, however. With graphics that rival existing Playstation console games, it seems that hardcore gamers will invest in PS Vita to get their gaming fix. It is still a triumph over the PSP Go, so gamers are on board. 


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