Provinces Take Big Risks With Online Gambling

As more and more Canadian provinces look to online gambling to solve their financial woes, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the activity may bring many risks along with it.

A new report by CBC has stated that online gambling experts are warning the various provincial governments across Canada to brace themselves for an influx of hackers and cheaters. After the online casino launched by the British Columbia Lottery Commission fell victim to dangerous glitches, experts in the field want to ensure that other provinces know what they are getting into.

Although the BCLC’s investigation did not indicate that any hacking had been done to cause the glitch, experts are still worried that other provinces’ inexperience in the online gambling industry may cause them to overlook all of the potential security risks.

One of the biggest concerns is cheaters. Criminologist John McMullan has many documented cases of cheaters who have used easily-accessible software to cheat online casinos.

“They use technology usually on autopilot to play as a stand-in for them”, says McMullan. “It gives them an advantage because they have factored all that information into an artificial intelligence program”.

Ontario is one of the first provinces to announce its dedication to providing safety solutions when its online casino is launched. It is hoped that other provinces will follow suit, so as to ensure that residents do not fall victim to cheaters and hackers.

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