Pro Bowl Blowout Could Influence Superbowl Betting Activity

This weekend was the NFL’s annual Pro Bowl game, and predictably ended with a blowout finish.  The offensive stars were putting up points to satisfy fantasy league and sportsbetting enthusiasts, but the one-sided domination has many experts questioning if the Pro Bowl is worth continuing.  The blowout also has gamblers wondering if the Superbowl could end the same way, which could influence betting activity over the next few days.

The Pro Bowl is the all-star game of the NFL, where some of the season’s most outstanding performers – provided they aren’t competing in the Superbowl – come together for one last glory on the field.  However, the top players were largely found on the NFC team which flexed impressive offensive muscle, while the AFC was universally panned by sports commentators for their lacklustre playing style.  The final score was 62-35 for the NFC, and most of the AFC’s biggest points were scored after their opponents had run away with the competition.

The blowout follows a familiar pattern with the Pro Bowl game, in which one team is overwhelmingly dominant while the other struggles to compete.  As a result of the predictable pattern many commentators, fans, and even players wonder if the Pro Bowl should continue in future seasons.  Pro Bowl MVP Kyle Rudolph of the Minnesota Vikings says the decision is in the hands of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but Rudolph hopes that the players showed how much the game means to them.

Guys were competing, guys wanted to win and guys want to keep the game here.  That was the point before the game.  We want to keep this game rolling for future Pro Bowlers.

The Pro Bowl final has sports bettors wondering if the Superbowl could end up in a similar blowout.  The San Francisco 49ers have proven they have one of the toughest offenses in the league, possessing much of the offensive prowess that was on display at the Pro Bowl.  However, the Baltimore Ravens defense has proven it’s not a pushover, putting a stop to top seeded New England’s offensive line to advance to the finals.

The Superbowl is still anyone’s game, but the Pro Bowl outcome could influence the tone of the final – and how gamblers could place their bets. 

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