Playtech’s Success To Continue

The industry leading online gambling software provider is Playtech, and it comes as no surprise that they are also the industry favourite. Playtech has built a name for themselves in the online gambling industry, and has built a strong reputation for their products.

Always innovative and creative, Playtech always has new games coming out, which casino operators appreciate, and casino players love. As the number one choice for many online gambling operators, Playtech has positioned itself for a successful run for a long time to come.

Playtech recently released their financial results in their half year report for 2011. Despite pulling out of the French online gambling market this year, which was a loss of $7 million, Playtech still came out on top. Revenue registered at an increase of 18% during the half year period, and overall, revenue was up 5% from $72.9 million to $76.3 million.

Canadian online gambling has really taken off lately, and with many U.S. players moving to Canada so they can play online, that might’ve contributed to Playtech’s success.

It also helps that Playtech made some really great acquisitions so far for 2011. Acquiring PT Turnkey Services in July, and then acquiring mobile specialist, Mobenga was great for Playtech, as they have already started to benefit from PT Turnkey Services, and they’ll be able to expand on their mobile gambling market with mobile specialist, Mobenga. The last deal Playtech brokered is the icing on the cake, and probably the best deal they’ll make for 2011. Gala Coral has signed a 10 year supply deal with Playtech, and will launch Playtech’s products in early 2012, phasing out their current products and suppliers.

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