PlayTech Well-Positioned for American Online Gambling Market

As the United States get closer and closer to legalizing online gambling, American operators are checking out potential software providers. As PlayTech has recently done a great deal of work with American-based company Scientific Games, it has emerged as a natural first choice for many of the online gambling operators in the country.

“We see a lot of interested from operators in the U.S. and we are in discussions with various local groups” CEO Mor Weizman said in an interview with Tommy Stubbington.

Scientific Games is based in New York and its partnership with PlayTech, which was announced in January 2010, made headlines as the two companies joined forces to target government lottery.

The partnership put PlayTech in the opportune position to appeal to the American online gambling market, as it found a way to operate in the country without violating the UIGEA. Now, it is believed that land-based operators who want to get in on the ground floor of the newly opened online gambling market will be knocking at PlayTech’s door to obtain some of the company’s innovative and engaging software.

The online casino operators that chose to stay in America after the UIGEA was enacted will be forbidden from staying once the law is repealed. PlayTech is not an operator, but instead licenses its software out to existing operators, thus avoiding any controversy – which is held in high regard when American operators look for an online casino software provider.

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