PEI Man $100,000 Richer After Winning Atlantic Lottery TAG Jackpot

Leo Butler, who lives in PEI, is $100,000 richer thanks to TAG, the add-on computer lottery game available with the purchase of lottery tickets in the Maritimes.  Butler held a winning ticket from the October 30 draw, but went a full week before realizing he had a life-changing prize in his pocket.

TAG is a special game developed by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, and is available to play any night of the week.  The game functions similar to a standard lottery game, and rewards players who match all six numbers with the $100,000 grand prize.

Butler plays a series of numbers regularly, admitting that he relies on the birthdays of his family when selecting his ticket.  While driving through Stratford, a suburb of Charlottetown, Butler stopped in at a pharmacy store, and purchased a ticket for the October 30 draw.

However, Butler waited a full week before verifying his ticket was a winner.  He happened to be passing by a lottery terminal, and was delighted when the clerk’s face alerted him that “something was up.”

Butler says he is unsure of how he will spend his winnings, but admits that as a collector of vintage cars, he would love to add new pieces to his collection.  The pharmacy where he purchased the ticket will also receive a one percent rebate for selling the winning TAG ticket.

Having played the lottery for years, Butler admits the feeling of winning is still a little surreal.

When I see it in the bank, I’ll believe it.

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