PayPal Returns to Online Casinos

Last year, the online gambling community was sent into a tailspin after PayPal decided to reject transactions from online casinos and their customers. The decision was based on the volatile climate of the online gambling industry, but now that things have calmed down, PayPal is making its way back into the market one casino at a time.

Ladbrokes was the first online casino to receive the go-ahead from PayPal, as it has a reputable name in the online gambling industry. PayPal has now allowed 32Red to offer its banking services to customers again, possibly because of 32Red’s award-winning operations.

Even after exiting the online casino market, PayPal is still the top choice for operators across the world. Many companies have even tried to replicate PayPal’s services, but to no avail. PayPal allows players from all over the world to send money to online casino operators quickly and easily, without ever divulging any personal information.

Now that Europe’s online gambling industry is finally being sorted out, it seems as though PayPal will be offering its services to more online casinos as time goes on. It is likely that the company will proceed with caution, only allowing the most popular and trust-worthy operators to utilize its services.

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