Paul Godfrey Demands Decision on Toronto Casino

While Toronto politicians have stated that a referendum on the issue of a new casino in the city will have to wait until 2014, OLG Chairman Paul Godfrey wants answers now. According to the Toronto Sun, Godfrey does not want to wait for a decision from Toronto politicians if they’re going to take their time. 

The OLG Chairman has made these comments as a response to the news that Mayor Rob Ford is planning on hosting two debates over issues related to casinos and gambling in the city. It seems that the mayor is taking it slowly when it comes to the casino issue, and Godfrey does not have the patience. 

“We’ll build it in Mississauga or somewhere else first”, says Godfrey. 

He does not believe there is any need to debate or hold a vote on the issue, as the new casino will not present any dangers to locals. In fact, rather than calling it a ‘casino’, Godfrey has deemed it an ‘an iconic entertainment centre’, taking the stigma away from the word. 

However, not everyone is as enthusiastic about the idea. MP Adam Vaughn believes that the 1997 referendum, in which residents voted against a casino, should be respected until the city holds another vote on the issue. Public opinion is crucial to these types of plans, and it is important for them to weigh in on the issue of a new casino in Toronto. 


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