Online Casino Players Protest Tax Increase

Casino operators aren’t the only ones who are displeased with the new tax regulations for French online poker sites. Players are also upset about the 2% rake increase at many newly regulated French poker rooms, but they won’t take it lying down.

Ever since France has opened up its online gambling market to operators based outside of the country, players have noticed a significant increase in their rake charges. The new regulations for international operators have brought cash game rakes up to 7.7%, after a 2% tax increase was deemed mandatory at all new online gambling sites. Rather than taking the hit, many operators passed the tax onto their customers, but poker players in France are protesting the outrageous increase.

Poker Stars’ players have thought up a new and interesting way to boycott the website. Rather than issuing a petition or refusing to play at the site all together, players are instead opting to ‘sit out’. This form of protest sees players signed up to poker tables but refusing to play. The protest is spreading and now it is not uncommon to come across entire tables sitting out at once.

The site’s operator has attempted to defend themselves, stating that it has been losing money consistently since France’s online gambling laws were changed earlier this month. Players are not buying the sob story, however, and they will continue to protest until the 2% tax is repealed.

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