OLG Invites Ottawa To Submit Casino Proposal

 With the GTA seemingly taking its sweet time deciding on the fate of the potential new casino in the area, the OLG is losing its patience. According to The Ottawa Citizen, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is now considering other options for new casinos, approaching Ottawa and other cities across Ontario, including Kingston, Belleville and Peterborough. 

The OLG is now asking for input from casino operators who are interested in running these new casinos. With 29 potential gaming zones across the province and a new revenue-share scheme, the OLG wants to find out what operators think. From there, it will request proposals from gambling companies as early as Fall 2012. Local city councillors will also have a say in how the new casinos will be run.

The plans will not displace the potential for a new gambling venue in the GTA; however, it does seem to be giving the OLG something to do in the meantime while Toronto city councillors decide on a course of action. The OLG is determined to increase its revenue over the course of the next few years. In addition to opening new casinos across the province, the company’s plans to launch an online gambling website is expected to generate an extra $1.3 billion per year. 


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