New Responsible Gambling Strategy Introduced by UKGC

UK Gambling Commission

UK Gambling CommissionIt was recently announced by the UK Gambling Commission that there is a new focus from the government that is designed to lessen any of the harm that results from gambling. It is called the National Responsible Gambling Strategy and it is focused to be instituted over the next three years. The Plan focuses on matters that result from problem gambling and proposes specific solutions to solving these problems. This leads to a lot of questions by trade organizations, industry regulators, gambling operators and the government about exactly how this new plan is strategy will affect the industry.

Since the Gambling Act of 2005, the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) has been working with successive government representatives. They are an independent organization that provides the British government and the UK Gambling Commission with information about the importance of responsible gambling. After consultation with the public, the RGSB issued its recommendations for implementing a plan that will promote responsible habits in all gambling operations, both online and in person. The proposal by the RGSB covers actions that are to be taken over the next three years. Their strategy is to provide the tools that encourage responsible gambling activities. It is their hope to protect the vulnerable parts of the population from being exploited by gambling related issues.

No form of gambling is left out of this comprehensive strategy. The board is attempting to control gambling activities land-based, online and even the National Lottery. They are trying to create and all encompassing plan that will cover absolutely all gambling activities, products, marketing campaigns and environments in which any kind of gambling occurs. There are 12 areas of concern that could and probably should lead to actions being taken according to the new plan. These areas will define the measurements of gambling harm and hopefully increasing the general awareness of how gambling products and environments cause problems for some people. It is hoped that these policies will increase the identification of those that are struggling with gambling and provide them with help.

The RGSB believes that great strides have been taken over that past few years that have started to address gambling issues in the UK. It is their hope that this current Responsible Gambling Strategy will encourage all parties in the gambling industry to be proactive to solve problems. They hope to continue to build on the positive steps of the past. They also provide a vision of what the outcomes desired could possibly look like.

It is going to take a real commitment to change from all involved in the industry to provide the resources and maintain the commitment needed to address gambling issues. Change can be a difficult thing for people to accept, especially in an industry that is so successful. As the implementation of the plan unfolds, it will be up to those who run the industry to comply with the rules and become partly responsible for the well being of the people who visit their establishments.