‘Moody’, Impulsive Children Prone to Gambling Addiction

 A recent study has shown that moody toddlers may be at risk of developing gambling addictions later on in life. While it may seem far-fetched, it does make sense, as researchers state that children who are moody and impulsive are possibly pre-disposed to this type of behaviour. 

Researchers at University of Missouri, Duke University and University College London studied over 1000 children who were three years old during the early 1980s. They were categorized based on their behaviour: under-controlled; inhibited; confident; reserved; or well-adjusted.

When the children reached 21 and 32 years of age, the researchers caught up with them to continue the research. At age 21, 13% of the individuals were problem gamblers. At age 32, 4% of those studied were still problem gamblers, an issue that has negatively affected their financial situations. 

This is the first study of its kind. Never before have researchers sought out to find a link between childhood behaviour and problem gambling. Now is the ideal time for this study to be released, politicians are working on ways to address gambling problems. Since it seems that the problem starts during childhood, counseling and early education may be the most effective solutions. 

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