Mobile Gaming Market in Canada

Gaming experts predict that the global mobile gaming market will surpass $100 billion by 2017, with Canada serving as a major contributor for the rapid expansion.  Online casinos are seeking to expand their services in markets like Canada where real-money gaming is legal, and operators are relying on the increasing popularity of smartphones to fuel their expansion.  Mobile gaming and casino apps have provided players the means to take their preferred casino wherever they go – providing a 24/7 gaming experience.

Detailed figures show that 85 percent of the Canadian population uses a cellphone, and approximately half are owners of smartphones.  Canadian cellphone providers reveal that at least 50 percent of all smartphone owners use the internet regularly, often to download apps used for social and real-money gaming.  These figures prove to online casinos that there is sufficient potential for expansion into the Canadian mobile market.

Mobile gaming is seen as revolutionary in the same manner that online gaming was first revolutionary.  Online casinos provided gamers the opportunity to play their favourite casino games from the comfort of their own home, which was a major breakthrough in the real-money gaming market – land-based casinos are usually inconvenient for players to visit on a regular basis.  Mobile gaming adds to that convenience by providing gamers downloadable versions of online casino games fit for a smartphone that can be taken anywhere a player chooses to go.

The convenience of mobile gaming is beneficial to all gamers with a smartphone, but workers in Canada’s major urban cities especially appreciate the mobile technology.  Canadians regularly commute by train or by bus into the major metropolitan areas of the country, and mobile gaming helps make the trip a little faster and a little more enjoyable.  Gaming sites have also been updated for user-friendliness to provide easier navigation for gamers on the go.

Online casino providers view mobile gaming as the accumulation of a diversified gaming market, providing players with even more choice to find and play their favourite casino games.  Gambling experts also hope further expansion into mobile gaming will encourage players to register with online casinos, and perhaps return business to land-based casinos as gaming popularity continues to build. 

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