Microgaming Makes Strides in Mobile Development


The mobile gambling market has presented itself as one of the most profitable ventures for online casino developers. As such, plenty of companies have worked hard to get their feet in the door, presenting unique and innovative mobile gambling opportunities for players around the world. Microgaming is one such operator, using its valuable time to develop its mobile gaming applications.
Recently, Microgaming has released a number of its mobile casino games on HTML 5. This coding language makes it possible to run Flash-type applications without the user’s device supporting Flash. It is perfect for cross-development, which is ideal for mobile developers today. Android and Apple devices present significantly different technological hurdles for developers, but HTML 5 ensures that applications will work on both types of hardware. The two newest mobile HTML 5 games from Microgaming are Spring Break and Ladies Night.
Microgaming has already expanded its offerings in the mobile poker market. The company has recently launched Blaze Poker for mobile devices, making it the second fast-fold poker game to become available on the iPhone and iPad. PokerStars initially launched its Zoom Poker app on mobile devices – and now Microgaming is joining the online poker leader.
So, there are plenty of mobile gaming apps from Microgaming. Try some out!


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