Microgaming Football Slots Just in Time for Euro 2012

This year’s Euro Football tournament is turning out to be one of the most exciting events yet. While there have been some upsets, things seem to be going to plan, as Germany continues to crush the competition. As you would expect from any major sporting event, online gambling websites are busy processing the bets of millions of players – and Microgaming is taking advantage of the situation.

Microgaming has perfectly timed the release of its brand new Shoot online slots game, based on the popular football magazine of the same name. It is one of the company’s biggest releases of the year, as Shoot has been a top sports publication for years. As such, the game will appeal to old and young football fan.

Shoot online slots features football’s greatest players; so, even if you’re not a huge fan, you will certainly recognize some of the symbols. It is a unique design for an online slots game, but is certainly capturing the attention of players around the world.

There are two great bonus features that players can take part in while playing this online slots games. The first is a Trading Card bonus, which will certainly make you feel like a kid again. You’re presented with 12 trading cards and you must pick 4 of them. They will reveal prize amounts and multipliers that will add to your total winnings. Another bonus feature sees the player picking up Shoot magazines from the floor. Each magazine contains a prize, and there is no limit to the number of magazines that the player can pick up. The only stipulation is that the game ends when a red card is revealed.

This is a great prelude to Microgaming’s next big online slots release, The Dark Knight. Based on the popular Christopher Nolan movies series, the game will certainly intrigue players who have bought tickets to the finale instalment of this modern Batman film series. After giving Shoot a spin, players will certainly be hyped up and wanting more from Microgaming; so, the timing is perfect.


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