Lotto Max Announces $48 Million Jackpot Ticket Sold In Ottawa

Lotto Max players spent over a month attempting to win the $50 million jackpot that accumulated in February, which was eventually won by a player in BC earlier this month.  With millions in additional ticket revenue collected in the run up to the win, the jackpot quickly grew in size once again to $48 million for last night’s draw.

However, players will not be spending weeks on end attempting to win that grand prize.  Lotto Max confirmed through the OLG that the winning jackpot ticket was sold somewhere in Ottawa after the numbers were drawn at 9pm EST last night.

The $48 million win finalizes a long and expensive gamble by Canadians to win the coveted Lotto Max jackpot after players spent much of February and early March adding millions in additional ticket revenues to the pool.  When the jackpot maxed out at $50 million prior to the last win, the remaining ticket sales were pooled into MaxMillions prizes valued at $1 million apiece.

By the time of the $50 million win on March 14, there were 50 MaxMillions prizes up for grabs.  Only a handful was won at the time of the jackpot, and the remaining prizes pooled together into a new jackpot that grew to the $48 million up for grabs on March 28.

With the win in Ottawa, a new prize pool begins for the April 4 draw next week, and Lotto Max says the jackpot will be $10 million.  But if the week goes by without a win, the buildup towards the $50 million limit begins all over again.

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