Lottery Scam Uncovered In Western Canada

 Everyone has gotten one of those sketchy phone calls at home at one point, where someone tells you you’ve won this amazing trip for two, and it’s to this great destination. Then, the person on the other line tells you that they need your credit card information, and meanwhile they start asking you some personal questions. This is the point that people get suspicious, asking “why do you need my credit card?” to which, the scammer will say something like “Oh its just to secure your spot for this dream vacation for you and your guest,” or better yet “It’s to pay for the tax on the trip.”

Well, it seems some folks are running this scam in Canada, and the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) is warning the public about this. People are being called up by these scammers, asking players to pay a fee, and then when the fee payment goes through, their ‘lottery prize’ will be available to them.

This type of scam happens quite often, and unfortunately, this time around, a few people did fall for it. One women was prompted by a friend to pay a visit to the WCLC head office to check things out, and it’s a good thing she did! She almost bought a ticket to the United Kingdom to go and claim her ‘lottery prize. Unfortunately, she did get scammed out of some money, and her bank information was compromised. Nowadays, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. 


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