Largest-Ever Lotto Max Jackpot Offered

The biggest ever Lotto Max jackpot will be offered in the BCLC weekly lottery draw tonight. $100 million is up for grabs tonight, and several lucky players will be cashing in. It is a record-breaking occasion, and players across the province are excited for the event. Since the Lotto Max jackpot is capped at $50 million, the prize has been divided up. One lucky player will win $50 million while 50 other players will win secondary prizes worth $1 million. It is a unique format, but it still an occasion worth celebrating.

As is always the case when lottery jackpots reach impressive heights, retailers have seen an influx of activity from players across the province. According to some retailers, they are seeing upwards of $500 in additional sales, thanks to this week’s lottery jackpot prizes. Residents who don’t normally play the lottery are purchasing one-off tickets and regular players are doubling up on their tickets to increase their chances of winning big.

"The goal with Lotto Max has always been to create more millionaires," said Kevin Gass of the B.C. Lottery Corporation.

It seems that the local lottery is doing just that. Rather than awarding one large amount to just one lucky winner, the BCLC wants to make millionaires out of dozens of residents. It is certainly appreciated across the province, as plenty of players are excited that they could be one of 50 new millionaires tonight.

Any amount of money that is not won tonight will rollover to next week’s draw, which is also expected to present impressive prizes to players. With an increase in lottery sales, the jackpot just continues to climb; so the next Lotto Max draw will offering up more multi-million dollar prizes to BC residents.

Tonight’s Lotto Max draw is certainly going to be an exciting event. We hope that lottery retailers are prepared to handle the influx of winning tickets tomorrow morning.

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