Key Trends in Online Gambling for 2018 and Beyond

Online Casino Trends

The stable development of the online gambling industry is truly inspiring to many gamers who would like to improve their skills and attract new clients. Besides, such gamers would also like to retain loyal clients by presenting them with an incredible opportunity to enjoy online games. So, what should developers, marketers, and gamers be keen to look at in 2018? To answer this question, look through this list of trends that sets the pace for online gambling in 2018.

Online Casino Player Habits

Gambling should be fun and rewarding. However, it comes with a few challenges that need to be counter-challenged. With that said gambling from mobile devices has been on the rise of late. In the perspective of Online Gambling Quarterly, up to 61% of gambling revenues are generated from mobile devices. Besides, 72% of betting stakes root from mobile devices. This comes with several implications since mobile players consistently have to log in and out of these devices to play. Besides, they also use different devices including work laptops and home computers. This poses a risk as the user experience is rather inconsistent.

Growing Fraudster Sophistication

Although fraudsters continue to take advantage of payment fraud thereby leading to hefty chargebacks, they also utilize many fraud practices. Moreover, they perpetrate many fraudulent activities in terms of social abuses including fraudulent deposits, cheating, and collusions. This does not mean that all is lost because as it looks, online gambling sites are trying their best to come up with solutions to protect clients against fraudsters.

Better User Experience

As the online gambling platform continues to take off, fraud and risk departments are referred to as cost centers with minute influence to increase revenue. Besides, sales groups may once in a while, be perturbed by the conservative approach that fraud teams are taking in rejecting new players following major risk concerns. Nevertheless, fraud teams utilize big data to improve user experience and player account security.

Identifying VIP Players

Nothing beats the feeling of getting incentives. Players will always come back for more whenever there is an incentive. Therefore, the best way to come up with revolutionary user experience and differentiate it is coming up with different promotional programs including rewards. Nevertheless, fraudsters will always mess such things up because they are aware of the program. However, online trading platforms can use sophisticated machine learning that allows users to predict the impending risks of their transactions.

Easy, Flexible, and Secure Login

Just like it was earlier discussed, most users more online players are now utilizing their mobile phones. Therefore, it is crucial for them to access their gadgets as fast as possible and log in without messing the interface. Besides, the same players interchange their devices in the process of accessing different games. Therefore, it is pretty important for them to be able to access their games easily.

While gambling has its fun, and rewarding bits, it also has its challenges. From the look of things, fraud is one such challenge. Today, fraud prevention has become the main topic of discussion with most online gambling firms striving to come up with device printing to protect clients.