Influx of Players Causes Canadian Gambling Site to Crash

On Thursday, July 15, British Columbia’s new government-regulated online gambling website was launched. Players from all over the province were excited about the prospect of finally having the ability to gamble at a legal online casino. The influx of customers was so great, however, that the website’s server crashed within a few hours of its long-awaited grand opening. reached its capacity shortly after allowing players to place bets on its software. It seems the demand for online gambling was too great for the site’s severs to handle. Players will have to wait until the province installs new servers to handle all of the customers who wish to take part in online gambling activities at The operator has announced that all players will be given bonuses to reward them for their patience.

Although the website’s crash is a simple indication of Canadians’ enthusiasm to play at a government-regulated gambling website, many people believe that it is a sign that PlayNow will be addictive and unhealthy for its customers.

However, the establishment of Canada’s first online casino deserves the attention it has received, as players finally feel as though they can place wagers online without having to worry about the dangers of sending their money to offshore operators. British Columbia’s government has also stated that it will be taking many precautions to ensure that underage gambling does not take place, while protecting BC residents from developing gambling addictions or feeding existing gambling problems.

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