Google TV to Revolutionize Online Gaming

Google has recently announced its newest innovation, Google TV, and it is already predicted to change the face of online gambling.

GoogleTV will feature an embedded search bar, allowing viewers to search for their desired television program. Although the concept is predicted to improve and enhance television viewing, it will also open many doors for online casino operators.

Because Google earns most of its revenue from advertising, Google TV will create many more advertising opportunities, a feature that online casino operators are sure to take advantage of. Ever since Google began allowing online gambling sites to promote their services using Google Ads, there has been a huge influx of online casino advertisements – and with the launch of Google TV, we are expecting to see newer and more innovative ways for operators to promote their business.

Many countries in Europe already offer television gambling, and North America may hopefully take a cue from them. With all of the legislative activity regarding online gambling in Canada and the United States, it is not farfetched to believe that individual states and provinces will soon begin to launch their own television gambling services. With several Canadian provinces planning their own mobile gambling applications, it is only natural that television gambling is the next step.

Google TV has yet to determine a launch date, but players can rest assured that online casino operators are already planning to launch television gambling services in the near future.

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