French and Italian Regulators to Sign Agreement in June

It has been revealed that French gaming regulator ARJEL and Italian regulator AAMS are planning on signing a Memorandum of Understanding in June. The signing of the document will form an agreement between both parties to take a common line of action with regards to their respective online gambling markets.

The two regulators have been working together since last June to come to an agreement. As soon as France regulated its online gambling market, Italy stepped in to form a partnership with the country. Authorities from each country have been meeting regularly to make this Memorandum of Understanding possible.

France and Italy have similar business models in the online gambling industry and have many licensees in common. The two countries have already discussed working together on such issues as integrity and player privacy and is looking to establish working groups on these matters and more.

Recently, the European Union has been concerned about the differing laws imposed by the wide range of countries that have regulated online gambling markets. The EU has been working with regulators and gambling authorities to establish a united industry and this seems to be the first step towards creating a consolidated online gambling market across Europe.

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