First Course in Online Gaming Established

For the past ten years, the online casino industry has grown and developed at a rapid rate. It is now one of the biggest job markets in the world, so it is only natural that educational institutions took an interest in preparing students for work in the online gaming industry.

Now, the Isle of Man and the Hamblin Employment Group have together launched one of the world’s first e-gaming courses. It will be aimed at students who wish to enter the market, as well as for existing professionals who want to gain a more well-rounded understand of the industry.

The first e-Gaming Foundation Course took place from September 21 to September 23. It consisted of four units which educated students about the market in general, e-gaming risks and employment opportunities.

The Department of Economic Development for the Isle of Man has agreed to pay 50% of the course cost for each participant. The island is one of the biggest online gambling centres in the world, and is well-positioned to offer a course on the industry. Encouraging students to find work in e-gaming will certainly help Isle of Man’s economy, allowing its online gambling market to expand even further.

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