Fake Chip Scam Busted in Monaco Casino

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It trulgeorgia gamblingy sounds like the plot of one of the “Ocean’s Eleven” films, but an incredibly simple scam targeting a Monaco casino is now making headlines. The scam took place over the course of a year, and three British men have been charged in the wild scheme. Qamar Hussain, Sajid Rashid and Zahidul Haque Khan were all recently sentenced to prison for their crimes, but not for very long. If all goes well for them, it seems as though the men will be released from prison within the next three years at the latest. They’ll also have a hefty sum of money to spend once they get out; although they defrauded the casino of over 2 million pounds, they’ve only been ordered to pay back less than 25 percent of their take.

The scene of their year-long heist was the Grand Casino, located in ritzy Monte Carlo. Starting in 2014, the men began targeting the roulette tables at the famous casino. In order to defraud the casino, the men used counterfeit tokens that cost approximately 10 euros. However, the chips were emblazoned with the 1,000 euro chip markings that the casino used, fooling all of the Grand Casino employees with whom the con artists came in contact. Incredibly, the men were able to keep employing the same trick for over a year, not getting caught until June of 2015.

As the men spent more and more time at the world-famous casino, they began to attract the same kind of perks as other professional gamblers. The Grand Casino provided them with complimentary accommodations from time to time, as well as free food. Reportedly, Sajid Rashid was the leader of the group, recruiting the other men once he realized how lucrative the operation could be.

Also, this was not Rashid’s first time pulling the wool over the eyes of casino employees. Considering his rap sheet, it’s not a surprise that the ringleader of this group was forced to pick up and move to another city. In fact, he had been banned from casinos in London and had even been convicted for a gambling-related incident in his home country. Officials in Monaco were actually impressed by how organized and intelligent the three men involved in this operation were, although this kind of behavior is obviously illegal.

When the greedy gamblers went to court, they did not admit guilt to all of the charges. They did, however, claim that they were all gambling addicts. Although the old adage is that the “house always wins” when it comes to gambling at casinos, this saying may have to be reevaluated in conjunction with this particular case. After their release from prison, these three British men will be able to keep a pretty big chunk of their casino earnings.