Dragon’s Tale Merges Online Gambling And Role Playing Games

Software developer eGenesis launched a beta version of the online gambling role-playing game, Dragon’s Tale on July 12.  The company says its goal with Dragon’s Tale is to support the growing social gambling environment through a virtual fantasy world of casino betting, available in 3D.

Unlike normal online casinos where players bet on slots, poker, and other table games Dragon’s Tale requires players to bet on quests.  Players explore the virtual world and meet characters who provide challenges to be completed for rewards.  Players then bet on their likelihood of completing the challenges using Bitcoins, which are the currency of choice in the Dragon’s Tale world.

Each quest uses mini-games that require players to use specific gambling skills to complete the task in order to explore more of the world.  For example, one task asks players to match Ming vases, requiring players to bet on the number of matches they can make within an allotted period of time.  In another quest, players must feed a series of ducks as they attempt to flee, and must wager on the number of birds they can reach in time for a harvest.

Dragon’s Tale is free to download, and players are provided a set of Bitcoins for a practice round to explore the early realms of the game.  Providers hope to distribute the game globally in the next few months to provide support for the growing social online gaming environment.

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