Dive In The Secrets of Atlantis Slot From NetEnt

secrets of atlantis slot screenshot big

secrets of atlantis slot logoExploring missions are everybody’s cup of tea as we all like to raise the level of adrenaline with an exciting odyssey.

This one is a bit different as it will not take you deep in the jungle, but deep down the ocean, right to the bottom of it.

You will need to hold your breath with the Secrets of Atlantis, the new 5-reel, 40-payline video slot coming from NetEnt’s creative kitchen this summer.

Some great rewards are there on offer for the luckiest and most fortunate ones of players who dare to go down into the unknown as the long lost city of Atlantis and its wonders present themselves to you.

What We Love

The subject is highly attractive and the entire Atlantis myth is a perfect choice for a slot game. It has all of the elements to be a great game.

The excitement factor is accomplished through the very choice of the subject, while there is a soothing element present at the same time with calmness and serenity of the ocean’s bottom.

NetEnt have paid a great deal of attention to details with this game as it was expected after all. Known for cutting edge graphics and top notch visuals, NetEnt have treated us with a brilliantly appealing game and that is one other thing we love about this game.

Playing games is to have fun and earn some big bugs at the same time and ultimately we are very happy to hear that there is a potty of $320,000 as the game’s highest prize on offer as well. We know it is hard to get, but it is good to know that it’s there as it’s worth fighting for.

secrets of atlantis slot screenshot big

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What We Do Not Like

Great visuals and soothing audio effect aside, Secrets of Atlantis is a game that lacks that much needed cutting edge.

We know NetEnt wanted to make something different and maintain their reputation of the industry’s innovators, pioneers and leaders, but unfortunately this time they failed.

Ditching the classical elements to a slot game is not always a wise choice and while we salute their decision to go without classical card symbols, the lack of classical special features is just too much for us.

Free Spins, Scatters, Multipliers are something you won’t encounter on your way down to Atlantis and it is a big shortcoming to this video slot.

Two features this game benefits from – Colossal symbols Re-Spins and Nudge Wild feature – are not worth boasting with and we must say that we were pretty disappointed in this regard.

Ultimately, the game is a tad too pricey for us. The game can be played at the lowest bet of $2 and that is a fact, but we all love to raise the bar to the maximum, right?

Deciding to do so here will cost you $200 so you will be advised to keep a close eye on your bank account as you prepare to go down.

Worth Playing?

We always make a mistake when we decide to judge a book by its covers. Secrets of Atlantis got us feeling pretty exciting with its nautical, underwater theme and an Ancient Greece myth in center of it all.

We got a bit more thrilled to see all of the great graphics and suitable audio, but lack of enticing game’s elements and a pretty straightforward – not to say boring – screenplay left us drowned in disappointment.

We will not advise you against trying it, maybe you will feel differently once you’ve hit that spin button once or twice. Who knows?

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