The Difference Between Regular Slots and Jackpot Slots

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With so many games to play in the online casino format, it can be easy to be confused over the different rules involved. This can even be the case when it comes to the difference between regular slots and jackpot slots. With all the different rules and perks involved between the two, it will help to have a handy guide to differentiate between them.

Regular Slots

The first thing to point out is that regular slots also have jackpots that can be won. This can cause some confusion to the uninitiated, but the difference here is actually simple. Regular slots are also called non-progressive slots due to the fact that winnings are always fixed regardless if someone wins the jackpot or a lesser amount. The amount won on a non-progressive slot machine is directly correlated to the amount of money wagered. For example, if the maximum payout on a machine is 300x, then regardless if someone bets $1.00 or $100 they will win 300x the amount bet. Regular slots also have considerably smaller prizes than their jackpot counterparts.

Jackpot Slots

If regular slots are also known as non-progressive slots then it makes sense that jackpot slots are also called progressive slots. With these slots, the jackpot is continually increasing every time a bet is placed until someone hits it. Once the jackpot has been hit then it resets to whatever the predetermined minimum amount is where it begins to increase again. Often many progressive slots offering the same game will be networked together driving the jackpot very high very quickly. In some instances, casinos that are part of the same network will network progressive slots meaning there are gamblers in multiple locations adding to the jackpot continuously. The big advantage to playing jackpot slots is that jackpots tend to be exponentially higher than with regular slots.

Regular Vs. Jackpot

Deciding which type of slot machine is better all comes down to what the gambler is looking for. For those who want a more laid-back experience where they can calculate what they are spending against what they can when the best play is the regular slot machines. People who are looking for the biggest win possible and love playing the long odds will enjoy jackpot machines more. As far as odds go, the chances of winning on a regular slot machine have better odds as there is only one person vying for the prize and that prize is smaller. Regular slots also cost less than jackpot slots to compensate for the smaller payouts.