Dark Knight Online Slots A Hit at Online Casinos

The last instalment of the Dark Knight series has hit theatres this weekend, filling movie theatre seats with comic book fans and movie buffs. To celebrate the launch of the film, Microgaming has released an online slots game based on the series – and it has seen a great deal of success recently.

Critics and players alike are raving about the game, its high-quality graphics and its impressive winning potential. Several new reviews have been published about The Dark Knight online slots, and they are largely positive. And, it is no wonder why – Microgaming has spent months working on this innovative slots title, and you can certainly see all of the company’s hard work in every detail of The Dark Knight online slots.

One of the great things about The Dark Knight online slots is its progressive jackpot offering. Unlike most progressive slots, this game offers players a multi-level jackpot. The smallest jackpot offers prizes $10 and up while the biggest jackpot offers prizes $1 million and up. It is rare to see a jackpot that seeds at $1 million – but Microgaming has done it. As such, this game presents great winning potential for all players. As an added bonus, the progressive jackpots are randomly triggered, so players do not need to obtain particular winning combinations.

As a 243-Way online slots game, The Dark Knight does not have any paylines. Instead of  wagering on paylines, players bet on all five reels. The result is increased winning potential, as all 243 different ways to win are unlocked with each spin that the player makes. There are several great bonus features, as well. For example, Batman and The Joker appear at random intervals to award players with cash prizes and multipliers, making for an exciting online gambling experience.

The news of the movie’s success comes amidst a tragedy, however, as 12 people were shot and killed at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado. Our thoughts and sympathies are with their families, as well as with the dozens of injured individuals.

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