Daniel Negreanu Comments on State of American Online Poker

Daniel Negreanu, famed Canadian poker pro, has taken to blogging to voice his opinions on the current state of affairs of the American online gambling market. ‘Boy, Did I Miss Online Poker!’ is a new online journal from the poker player, chronicling his life after moving back to Canada in order to continue playing poker online. 

In his blog, he announces that he has recently completed his move to Toronto, where he hoped to begin playing at Poker Stars once again. Despite having a Canadian passport, he had to prove that he was actually located outside of the United States. Finally, he was able to play online again and make a living. 

He goes on to state that they only way for American poker players to continue making money at their jobs is to leave the country. He compares the current American  gambling climate to the U.S.S.R during the Cold War, calling it oppressive and suggesting that serious players relocate. 

"For those of you who can, I really suggest moving out of the United States of America to a country that will allow you the freedom to play poker in your underwear," he says. 

While moving may be an expensive option, it is certainly a reasonable one for those with the kind of bankroll that Daniel Negreanu has. He is just one of many poker pros who has made the move to Canada, and there will certainly be many more to follow in his footsteps. 



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