Check Out Gamevy’s Newest Product Called The Link

the link slot screenshot big

the-linkThere is not a single person in the world who hasn’t tried the famous tic tac toe game. We especially liked to play it during those long and boring classes in school, when we just wanted to pass the time between two recesses.

Even though it seems simple, the game was quite addictive, so we used to spend hours and tons of paper looking for a new strategy that would help us beat our opponents. So you could imagine our happiness when we discovered that Gamevy released a slot version of this popular game.

Set in a space-like environment, this three-reel slot with eight fixed paylines offers a simple gameplay with a smashing maximum payout of $50,000, which is more than enough to make every spinner give this slot a go.

What We Love

The first thing we liked about this slot was the magnificent job Gamevy did in the graphics department. It never occurred to us that tic tac toe could be placed in out of space, and we were pretty amazed once we realised that there was nothing but vast cosmos and familiar symbols in front of us, and that we do not need a single piece of paper in order to play our favourite game.

The symbols look sharp and well-polished, and the reels run very smoothly, while the soundtrack really completes the cosmic experience.

The Link does not offer any special features, but instead it offers lots of possibilities to land hefty payouts in the base game, thanks to high-value symbols.

There aren’t many video slots that offer $50,000 as the maximum payout for such a reasonable price, and it will probably attract lots of penny punters who always look to win big by placing small bets. We love the fact that the Star Wild can form winning combinations with different symbols at the same time, which makes landing winning combinations easier.

the link slot screenshot big

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What We Do Not Like

We are afraid that high rollers will be bothered by the betting range, since the maximum possible bet is only $10. Also, the lack of special features threatens to make action junkies look for excitement elsewhere.

Modern video slots simply got us used to action-packed games that offer plenty of free spins, multipliers, Scatters and bonus games that immediately get your blood pumping, and, obviously, The Link lacks that kind of excitement.

Even though the possible maximum payout is $50,000, it seems as a mission impossible, especially once you realise that landing winning combinations is not that easy in the 2016 release.

Worth Playing?

Taking everything under consideration, we find The Link to be nothing more than a decent slot. This Gamevy product houses some crisp graphics and a very good soundtrack, and we really like the idea of putting a game as simple as tic tac toe in a cosmic environment.

The maximum payout of $50,000 also seems more than tempting, but it is simply too hard to fill all the reels with identical symbols. The lack of special features in form of free spins and other bonus games will definitely make this slot boring after a very short time, so if you are hooked on action-packed video slots like we are, the 2016 release is definitely not the slot for you.

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