Casinos Agree To Power Down For Earth Hour

The world prepares for Earth Hour today, scheduled at 8:30 pm locally in participating jurisdictions.  The event is meant to raise awareness about the importance of climate change and energy conservation by shutting off non-essential lights and appliances for one hour.  Landmarks across the world are participating in the event, along with various casinos across the world.

Vancouver was named Earth Hour Capital of the World for 2013 as the community is recognized for taking a very pro-active stance towards the cause.  Many of the city’s largest businesses will dim the lights to show support for the event, and the Edgewater Casino in the heart of the city is reportedly one of those businesses.  The participation of Edgewater and other casinos is notable due to the amount of energy necessary to operate the gaming centres, and their participation exemplifies the growing importance of Earth Hour.

Other casinos across Canada are also willing to cut the power for Earth Hour, and it’s also reported that many gaming venues in Las Vegas will also join the cause.  There are 16 casinos reportedly participating in Earth Hour, including some of the more well-known operations like the Bellagio, MGM Grand, the Mirage, and Caesar’s Palace.

As more casinos recognize the importance of Earth Hour, online casinos and gambling sites are more accepting of the hour long power down.  This is an important recognition as online sites rely entirely on electricity and power for gamblers to bet.  Some players may consider the shutdown an inconvenience, but operators recognize no business should be exempt from participating in Earth Hour, even those that rely entirely on the internet and energy.

What will you do at 8:30 pm tonight?

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