Canadian Soccer Teams Falls in Rankings, Coach Resigns

After a disappointing performance in the Women’s World Cup tournament, the Canadian soccer team has fallen to #8 in the worldwide in the FIFA women’s world rankings. Canada will host the tournament in 2015, but failed to impress spectactors after making a first-round exit, losing to Germany.

Our neighbours to the South still rank highly in the world football rankings. Even after losing the final to Japan, USA women’s soccer team still remains #1 while Japan is at #4.

While falling to #8 is disappointing for the Canadian women’s soccer team, the rankings consist of 129 teams. So, Canada remains a powerful force in the women’s soccer world.

However, not everyone is as optimistic about the team. After the team’s performance in the Women’s World Cup, coach Carolina Morace has resigned from her position. Over the summer, the team will be looking for a new coach, who will hopefully steer Team Canada in a more successful position.

There are four whole years until the next Women’s World Cup is held in Canada, so there is plenty of time for the team to show some improvement. The host country’s team should make an impressive performance and Canada should certainly get practicing if they want to make it happen.

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