Canadian Pediatric Society Makes Recommendations to Curb Teen Gambling

 According to a report in CBC News, The Canadian Pediatric Society states that teenagers who gamble are more likely to develop gambling addictions. Buying scratch cards, lottery tickets and playing online casino games are all forms of gambling that teens take part in that could lead to the development of problem gambling habits. 

The Canadian Pediatric Society states that adolescents are four times more likely to develop gambling addictions than adults. Even if they begin gambling at home by playing card games with their parents, they are still at risk of developing a gambling addiction later on in life. 

To address the issue, the society has made several recommendations. One of the most effective solutions seems to be encouraging doctors to ask adolescents about their gambling habits. Should doctors learn that they are engaging in substance abuse and other risky behaviours, it is important for them to inquire about gambling as well. 

The society also suggests that the governments examine the impact of gambling advertisements. Local casinos tend to glamourize gambling in their ad campaigns, and it should be up to governments to ensure that this type of marketing material does not encourage children and teens to gambling. 


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