Canadian Online Gambling Provides Job Opportunities

 According to ITBusiness Canada, legalized and provincially-regulated online gambling in Canada could have enormous benefits for the technology job market. As more and more provinces hop on the online casino bandwagon, many new career opportunities open for those interested in gaming and online technology. 

Since 1995, the gambling market in Canada has tripled in value. Gambling has become an incredibly popular leisure activity across the country, and analysts estimate that the regulation of its online counterpart could yield profits of upwards of $16 billion over the course of the next few years. Quebec’s new online gambling website is expected to bring in $50 million/year while Ontario’s proposed website is estimated at being worth $400 million. 

According to Paul Burns of the Canadian Gaming Association, the market has created nearly 500 000 jobs in various sectors across the country. It produces $12 billion in labour income, a value which could be multiplied if online gambling becomes legal in all provinces across Canada. 

The regulation of online gambling in Canada would benefit small- to medium-sized gaming and technology firms. ITBusiness estimates that government gambling projects will seek out between $4 billion and $7 billion worth of technological products to keep their sites up and running, meaning technology experts could stand to generate a lot more business. 


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