Canadian Film Explores Teenage Gambling at TIFF

 The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the most exciting events in the Canadian art world. Writers, directors and actors gather from around the world to view innovative new films from a pool of artistic talent in Canada. This year’s festival will host a movie called "The Odds", which covers an important issue today: teenage gambling. 

According to studies, more than 50% of Canadian teenagers have gambled while 8% of that total has admitted to having a gambling addiction. It is becoming a growing problem across Canada, and it is important that parents are made aware of the issue. 

Films and television portray gambling as an attractive activity, without exploring the dark side of the industry. Impressionable teenagers are then drawn to it, betting on sports, sneaking into casinos with fake ID and hosting their own home poker games. 

The Odds takes a rare look at the dangers of teenage gambling, as the main character, Desson, investigates the suicide of his best friend. During the film, he is thrust into the gambling underworld and discovers an underage gambling ring. 

The film has received a great of attention thus far. Director Simon Davidson has had several of his short films shown at TIFF and now his first feature-length movie is certainly expected to turn some heads.


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