Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort Adopts IGT Casino Management

Cadillac Jacks

Cadillac JacksIn April 2016, the International Game Technology or IGT announced about the agreement they signed with Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort according to which the later will deploy suite of IGT Solutions and applications to improve and enhance the currently in used casino management system.

The Cadillac Jack’s has deployed its IGT systems with IGT Service Window, Media Manager and a full suite of applications to accommodate expansion for the entertainment and amenities for the players. The upgrade of the IGT solutions and applications with include applications such as Carded Lucky Coin, Random Riches, etc. The suite including several enhanced version and it will enable the use of IGT On Demand Service which would ease the ordering of valet service, beverages, and lot more which can be operated from an interactive screen which is deployed on each game machines. The Cadillac Jack’s also deployed IGT Virtual Drawing Manager.

Nick Khin, IGT Senior Vice President was reported stating that they made the agreement to leverage technology and to enhance the overall player experience at Cadillac Jack’s. He also added that the system would include features from valet service to bonusing capability to beverage ordering. It would also feature IGT Service Window and Media Manager with will enhance overall customer services and will be deployed on all 200 gaming machines on the network.

David Schneider, General Manager of Cadillac Jack’s stated that the installation of the IGT systems will help the Casino to be on the top of the technology and plyer experience. The experience that the system would offer will be found nowhere other than Cadillac Jack’s. The bottom line of the system is to promote the destination resort amenities.

Live Hospitality is a Black Hills South Dakota Company who operates and owns Fairfield Inn and Suites, Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort, Country Inn & Suites, WaTiki Waterpark Resort Sliders Bar & Grills, and others. Approximately 800 associates are working with Live Hospitality. As per Caleb Arceneauz, CEO, Live Hospitality, he was reported saying that the involvement of new IGT Service Window and Media Manager will usher the standards for customer service at Cadillac Jack’s. He added that the deployment of IGT On Demand Applications with the game player can interact with services such as ordering valet service or beverages to bonusing capabilities which will help the casino to compete with the rivals in the country. He even added that the inclusion of Bonusing application will help them to serve better for all the player which will enjoy more entertainment with more ways to win and hence would directly compete with rivals.

IGT, abbreviation for the International Game Technology develops systems that allow players to have exceptional gaming experience in wide range of regulated segments and channels such as from Social Gaming to Lotteries and Gaming Machines, etc. The gaming solutions developed by IGT are based on leading edge technology which fulfils the customer demands. The presence of IGT is wide spread with over 100 countries and more than 12,000 employees working for IGT to maintain the highest standards of services, responsibility and integrity.