Bookmakers Taking Bets on Montreal UFC Main Event

Despite the controversy surrounding sports betting law in Canada, the bets are still coming in.  Regardless of how many matches are considered legal to bet on in Canada, casinos and bookmakers are still taking bets on tonight’s UFC main event in Montreal.

The UFC has not publicly offered an opinion on Canada’s sportsbetting laws, unlike the other major sports leagues in North America.  Being a relative newcomer in organized sports, the UFC has become a popular league throughout North America over the last decade.  It is the largest mixed martial arts league in the world, and has gathered a regular roster of the most competent fighters from all corners of the world. 

One of the star Canadian fighters is George St. Pierre, the current welterweight champion, who is ready to defend his belt in front of his home crowd in tonight’s main event.  Due to St. Pierre’s Canadian wide popularity, tonight’s UFC match promises to be an exciting event for fans and for gamers.  The odds have remained steadily in favour of the home town hero, but as the countdown to the fight draws nearer, more bettors are putting money down on the challenger Carlos Condit.

St. Pierre began the week as a 3.5-to-1 favourite over his challenger, but by the end of the week, that lead had dropped slightly.  Not surprisingly, Canadian casinos have St. Pierre as an overwhelming favourite, but sportsbetting giant William Hill has dropped the champion’s odds down to 3/10.  Challenger Condit on the other hand, has managed to narrow his 2.5-to-1 underdog status as more gamers believe the fight will be a much closer battle than expected.

Regardless of how the odds expect tonight’s fight to go, bookmakers are ecstatic with the wagering surrounding UFC 154.  The Bell Centre in Montreal is expected to be a full house, and the action inside the octagon will be a true test between warriors.  St. Pierre hopes to keep his belt and will have the crowds cheering him on, but many gamers clearly see a worthy challenger in Condit that promises to make this fight one hell of a match.

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