BCLC Pays Out Huge Online Jackpot

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has paid its biggest online jackpots ever. A lucky player named Matthew Arseneau hit a jackpot worth over $830 000, marking a milestone for PlayNow.com. 

Arseneau had heard on the radio about a promotion on PlayNow.com, which promised a trip to Mexico as the top prize. He promptly logged on to the website for his chance to win. Alas – he was unsuccessful in his pursuit of the vacation, but he emerged nearly a million dollars richer. 

The game he was playing when he won the jackpot was called Super Cubes, an online slots game. It was one of the most popular titles on PlayNow.com, as it offers an impressive progressive jackpot prize. Arseneau had only made a $5 wager when he won the impressive jackpot worth $833 000. 

He plans on using his money to spoil his family, stating that he will buy his little brother a new car. He will also be helping his parents complete the renovations on their home. Arseneau is also planning on taking that trip to Mexico, since he didn’t win the promotion that he originally set out for. 

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