Barcelona and Man U Face Off In Champion’s League Final

This Saturday, Barcelona will face off against Manchester United in the Champion’s League final. The two top-tier teams will go head-to-head to duke it out in their eleventh meeting under these circumstances. Yes, it’s true that Manchester United and Barcelona have faced each other ten previous times during the UFEA finals, making the upcoming game an exciting event that is not to be missed.

Barcelona is currently the favourite to win, as they have Lionel Messi on their side, who has been unanimously voted as the best football player around. Unlike last time, he won’t be facing Christiano Ronaldo. While this seems to work in Barca’s favour, it could turn out to be a hindrance ,as the team will not know what to expect from Manchester United without the super star player.

Instead of Ronaldo, Manchester United has Javier Hernandez (El Chicarito). He is known for being unpredictable and is likely to throw Messi and Barcelona off their game.

Sportsbooks across the world are favouring Barcelona to win, as Spain has  fared well in the past several tournaments. However, Manchester United has the home team advantage, which has some players placing their bets on Rooney’s men.

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